8 Reasons a Relaxing Hammock is Better Than a Bed

1. No Pressure Points

Ever wake up with a tingling sensation in your arm or leg? When you sleep on a mattress or on the floor, some arteries and nerves will be compressed from the weight of your body. Not only will this cause tingling sensations, if you have circulatory or neural problems, sleeping on a hard surface may worsen such conditions. Furthermore, the discomfort on a hard surface will naturally cause you to move around in bed. A nice relaxing hammock will help you sleep faster and achieve deeper sleep! Hammock

2. Effective Deep Sleep

Research has shown that hammock swaying may help rebalance brain activity and body circulation. This means your body can be more relaxed giving you the ability to conquer whatever lies ahead when you wake up!



3. Promotes Healthy living and sleep!

The Dalai Lama once said, “Sleep is the best meditation!” Wouldn’t you agree? Using a hammock reduces circulation blockage from pressure points. Sleeping on a relaxing hammock promotes better sleep and more natural sleep. The natural curvature of a hammock slightly elevates your head for less obstructed breathing so sleep apnea, snoring, and even death can be reduced. This natural curvature also helps alleviate people suffering from back pain because there are no pressure points on the hip or spine. When a hammock is set up correctly, all the weight is distributed equally when using a relaxing hammock! To support these claims, here are some supplemental information from WebMD.

4. Go to Sleep Faster

As you lay on a hammock, the natural motion of the swing portrays an earthly rhythm. This swaying rhythm enhances relaxation. Many Hammock by the beach researchers claim that this motion helps increase circulation and also re-balances the body. The result of being wrapped up in a tight blanket is reminiscent of the womb, or so they say. Need more proof? Here is a link from CNN.

5. Mobility

A hammock can be easily put away in minutes. If you have a stand that comes with a hammock, we recommend stands that come in a carry case. No more need for those space taking bed mattresses and those awful frames!!! This works well for all kinds of people from backpackers to those in the military. Hammocks work well for college students since living in a dorm is usually temporary.

6. Promotes Better RelationshipsHammock for two

Hammocks weren’t always meant for one person. Most of the best hammocks were meant for two people. Back in the middle ages, the Mayans were known to use hammocks to have a lot erotica. For example, a hammock can be used as a sex swing and you get the idea! The best part of it is after climaxing, both partners can fall into deep sleep feeling refreshed and better than before!!! That’s the best feeling for an “animal”.

7. Much more Quieter esp. for Love Making (Bonus)

When doing love-related activities on a hammock, you eliminate squeaks and romps while in action. No more floor bouncing and noises. There is no more need to worry about neighbors complaining or kids eavesdropping. Just make sure you check your lines for wear and tear because these types of activities add more stress to the lines!

8. No more bed bugs!

A hammock is designed to make it difficult for those bed bugs to climb in. Even if they do climb in, a hammock is designed to be easily washed either by machine or hand. Let dry out in the sun to allow the UV rays of the sun to sterilize the hammock and all youh ave to do is continue enjoying your relaxing hammock!