Eagles Nest Outfitters Ridgeline with Prusik Knots

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Setup and Take Down In Minutes
Includes 6 Prusik Knots
Kernmantle Rope

RidgeLine w/Prusik Knots

Lost or tangled your ridgeline? This replacement, complete with 6 versatile prusik knots, is compatible be used as a campsite accessory. RidgeLine w/Prusik Knots

About Eagles Nest Outfitters, Inc

In the summer of 1999, brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster decided to permanently escape the traditional workplace and make hanging out their full time occupation. They wanted a business that would challenge them creatively, but also allow them to pursue a laid-back lifestyle.

They began as a small operation in Florida, planning to travel the East Coast in a ramshackle minivan and sell hammocks at music festivals and community gatherings along the way. In the early years, home was wherever the van was parked that night. The brothers dedicated their days and nights to making and selling the most comfortable hammocks in the world.

In a short time, the boys found themselves with more business than they could handle from the van. Weary from a life on the road, they eagerly settled down in Asheville, NC and continued growing the business into what is now a thriving company. Today, they continue to supply the best hammocks and accessories to like-minded people across the globe.

Setup and Take Down In Minutes
Includes 6 Prusik Knots
Kernmantle Rope

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