Widened Hammock Straps, Fnova Hammock Tree Straps with 2 Carabiners, 100% No Stretch Polyester and Tree Friendly, Adjustable Loops, Extra Long and Lightweight Suspension Kit for any Hammocks

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DURABLE & RELIABLE: 10ft Long(20ft for Total) x 2 inch wide(Truly Tree Friendly), 15 Attachment Loops(30 for total), 1322+ LBS weight capacity. 100% durable SEATBELT material and Triple Stitched Seams with 2 free locking carabiners & bag, actually attaches each end of your hammock to supporting objects to keep it off the ground.
UPDATE VERSION: From the first complaint about the performance, we have improved the stitching with the latest technology & the NEW version hammock straps will definitely meet your requirement. 2 Inch WIDE with SEATBELT webbing helps stop damage to the tree with an affordable price.
EASY TO SET UP: Setting up your hammock with Fnova hammock tree straps just take an average of a minute to do so. Adjustable attchment loops are used, which maximize the comfort of the hammock to learn & apply. Perfect suspension for tree, roof rack, car masts, posts, and great for camping, hiking, backpacking. Not only as a great place to chill out but also as a comfortable place to crash for the night.

Never Spend Your Time to Search Hammock Tree Straps When You Purchase Fnova Hammock Straps!
Our Hammock Tree Straps are the best and newest straps on, it works perfectly with all hammocks from any other brand that you have, such as Eagles Nest Outfitters, Kammok, and Yukon Outfitters, etc.

It comes with two straps and Double Carabiners, each strap is TWO INCH WIDE, 10 feet long and 16 individual loops, it is more tree friendly than other brands on Amazon market, also more convenient to adjust the distance and easier to setup or takedown.

Moreover, there is no complicated explanation nor operation for beginners, each straps are dead-simple for usage and easy to understand, provide a lot of flexibility in the size of trees you need and their distance

Our hammock tree straps are made up of 100% No-Stretch Polyester, it won¡¯t stretch even in the wet weather, you would never have to hang your hammock more than 5 feet high to keep your backside off the ground!

With the 2 INCH Wide flat design, it is veritable more Tree Friendly than other brand straps, because their straps are 1 inch wide flat design, it means that the tree should face higher stress compare with our 2 inch wide design, in other words, it is hassle to the tree, but if you purchase our hammock straps, all the troubles were gone, you can fully enjoy your spare time!

In addition, we have provided the world class customer service when you ordered from our store, if there is any problem confused you, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to serve you and make you satisfied, click ¡°Add to Card¡± and enjoy your spare time!
Made from high quality 100 % adjustable Non- stretching polyester webbing and are used to create anchor points around trees, rocks, or posts capable of bearing weight, in order to hang a hammock. Each 5cm wide strap can bear up to 600kg
Love the style of daisy chain loops with an integrated webbing strap that takes one minute to set up. These straps allow you to hang your hammock without damaging anything (tree bark or other surfaces) or using any complicated knots, they are simple to use and understand even for beginners can set it up
The atlas hammock strap is a pair of sewing loops Daisy chain 3 meters long and 5 centimeters wide. Weighs of 780g, yet boasts a whopping 15 loops (30 combined) adjustment points, each is approximately 5 in (17 cm) long, with lot of versatility to where you hang your hammock and can adjust the sag by changing the loops
These hammock straps are fold up into a tiny bag .Very handy and insures you will never lose them. In addition, you can store things in the bag while the hammock is hung up. Watch, glasses, handy book, etc. The hammock connects to the webbing loops via a climbing-rated carabiner (included) or other load-bearing hardware device
Sleep soundly and safely pretty much anywhere you can find a couple of trees within reasonable distance from each other or use poles, truck racks, et. Just simple wrap it once around the tree, or whatever sturdy object, and slide one end through the loop on the other end and you are done

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