Better Sleep with a Hammock?

Can I get Better Sleep With a Hammock than a Bed?


The reason: Hammocks were made to swing instead of stay completely stationary as beds. The gentle rocking motion of a hammock helps people who suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders fall asleep faster; just like how babies are put to bed in a rocking crib.

Although it is a mystery to why the swinging motion during bedtime will help us sleep better and deeper, many researchers think that while the hammock swings, the motion helps position our internal organs while promoting better circulation throughout the human body. Stationary beds can’t do this!

The fact that hammocks can help boost your brain activity has been studied and observed by researchers from the University of Geneva. These results have been published in Cell Biology, a prominent science journal! Here is the link!

Hammocks Help Achieve Deeper Sleep!

Sleep is very important all together for the human body but deep sleep provides the body with better recovery. Not so long ago, psychologists figured that there are 4 stages in human sleep which are all beneficial to the human body. Those sleep stages are Stage 1-3 and the most coveted REM or Rapid Eye Movement. The stages are all beneficial but the deep sleep stage and the REM sleep stage are particularly very important because this is when your energy is restored, your muscles optimally repair itself, and your immune system strengthens itself and protects your body from current injuries and potential infections.

Using a quality hammock  can not only offer safety while sleeping but can help you effectively by sleeping comfortably. In return for sleeping in comfort, the rest you gain from your sleep can provide positive physiological changes to the human body.

Remember the point with hammocks is that slow swinging motions is the key in helping re-position your organs for optimal balance and health! What better way is there to have a bed that can rock? All you need is a hammock!