Hammocks Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock Matrimonial Size

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– THE FINEST HAMMOCKS OF THE WORLD because the Mayan Style Hammock is weave with thinner strings creating a sensation to be floating in the air when you are seat or lay down….. The weave offer the most comfortable, softer, fresher and roomy Hammock in the market – THE MAYAN STYLE HAMMOCK is make in remote villages of the Yucatan, the artisans can take more than 7 days in weave a finest Matrimonial Size Hammock – RESISTANT HAMMOCK, the Matrimonial Size Hammock of Hammocks Rada TM can hold about 550 lbs… Have a total length of 14 feet approximately and can be hang in stands with minimum 12 feet – THE COMPOSITION is 100% in the Cotton Body Part and 100% of Polyester in the End Strings, so, very Fresh and very Resistant at same time – THE NATURAL COLOR is the fresher natural fiber than we offer to our customers, in fact in our Hammocks Rada TM you can smell the Cotton in our Hammocks of Natural Color – FULL GUARANTEE, you have a full guarantee in our Hammocks for 1 year (replacement or full refund) and some times if you have a concern then of the full year we can support you too with different options to you be satisfy – THE HAMMOCKS RADA TM MAYAN STYLE is great to take la siesta or sleep during all the night, it is very useful as a practical gift, you can use it outdoor with proper cares or indoor – THE HAMMOCKS RADA TM MAYAN STYLE HAMMOCK IN COTTON STRINGS, are the most comfortable Hammock of the world, but require some basis cares to conserve it during long time, we give an Instructive in each Hammock than we sell explaining the details but the most important is than the COTTON STRINGS HAMMOCKS must be dry all the time to not affect them, so, when you use it outdoor and can be exposed to the rain or wet nights it is necessary dry it the next day -ANOTHER OPTIONS, we offer alternate options in our Amazon Store as other colors or Hammocks composed of 100% in Nylon specifically for long use in outdoor

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