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How to Lay in a Hammock

Laying in a hammock may sound simple but each person must realize that they have to find the right position and proper weight distribution to achieve maximum comfort and relaxation. Difference with a Wide and Normal Hammock For wide hammocks, such as the Mayan types, all you really need to do is lie in the […]

How to Get into a Hammock

First, turn your back towards the hammock and posture your body to take the sitting position. (Make sure you do not have any sharp objects in your pocket and that the lines are securely fasten to prevent any accidents) Second, take the the far edge of the hammock with on hand. Third, grab the nearest […]

Better Sleep with a Hammock?

Can I get Better Sleep With a Hammock than a Bed? Yes. The reason: Hammocks were made to swing instead of stay completely stationary as beds. The gentle rocking motion of a hammock helps people who suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders fall asleep faster; just like how babies are put to bed in […]